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Information for Owners

MRI scans take about 3 hours (sometimes longer) and horses will need to be admitted for the procedure. We usually admit horses the evening before the MRI is done, but we can do the MRI on the day of arrival if the horse is in the clinic by 8.30am.

MRI is harmless and has no medical side effects.

EVERY horse will need to be sedated, and the front shoes removed (assuming it is a forelimb scan) as iron is strongly magnetic and causes a massive disruption to the MRI image.

Usually X rays will be taken to check for the absence of metal within the hoof wall.

An average scan generates over 600 – 900 images and this takes time to read. All MRIs are examined by an imaging specialist and this can take 24 – 48 hours. Please don’t expect an ‘instant result’, it is very important to take time to consider all the scans properly as the future treatment of your horse will depend on correct interpretation.

Scans can be arranged via either a Pool House Equine Clinic vet OR via referral by your own vet (if you are not a Pool House Client). Please call 01283 799700.