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AI Fees

AI Fees

AI Services and Fees 2021

For the 2021 breeding season Pool house Equine Clinic has produced a competitive package for both chilled and frozen artificial insemination (AI). Below is listed what is and is not included in our AI packages. Please read the details through carefully so that you can decide which package is best suited to your needs.

  Fresh / Chilled package Frozen package
First cycle £ 340 inc. VAT (£ 283.33 exc. VAT) £ 420 inc. VAT (£350.00 exc. VAT)
Each subsequent cycle £ 240 inc. VAT (£ 200.00 exc. VAT) £ 320 inc. VAT (£266.67 exc. VAT)

What the package includes:

  • ALL reproductive scanning at Pool House Equine Clinic
  • 5 overnight stays at Pool House Equine Clinic (grass livery)
  • Insemination
  • Microscopic evaluation of semen to subjectively assess quality of the sample (not available on yards)
  • Fertility drugs, if required: 1 dose of Estrumate to shorten the reproductive cycle, Deslorelin injection to induce ovulation, unlimited oxytocin
  • One post insemination lavage of the uterus to reduce fluid accumulation (Two 1 L bag Hartmann’s and flushing tube), if required
  • Pregnancy scans at days 14 and 28 at Pool House Equine Clinic
  • Insemination/Pregnancy certifications if required

What the package doesn’t include:

  • Stable livery
  • Sedation of the mare, if required
  • Laboratory fees (CEM swab, EVA or EIA blood samples, uterine swabs to investigate infertility)
  • Additional drugs/fluids for reproductive tract/uterine treatment: Regumate®, antibiotics, additional bags of fluids for flushing uterus
  • Management and reduction of twin pregnancy
  • Caslick’s procedure (suturing of the vulva)
  • Examinations and scans beyond days 14 and 28 included in the package
  • Medical/surgical treatment for issues unrelated to the reproductive tract
  • For mares with a history of uterine infection returning for a second cycle or showing fluid in the uterus prior to insemination we advise a swab and bacterial culture of the uterus so that suitable therapy can be performed prior to insemination. All these therapies are not included in the package
  • Cost of remedial shoeing, worming, vaccination requested while at Pool House Equine Clinic

Storage of frozen semen

Frozen semen can be stored here at Pool House Equine Clinic whilst the mare is undergo AI. However, once the mare is confirmed 28 days in foal, charges of £ 20 inc. VAT per month will be made for any remaining doses of semen. Any other semen still at the practice by 1st September will also be charged at this rate.

Frozen semen stored at the clinic is done so at the mare owner’s own risk, who is also responsible for the insurance of the semen.

Before commencing AI:

We cannot guarantee that your mare will get in foal. It should be noted that the chances of a mare becoming pregnant are reduced as she gets older from approximately the age of 11 years onwards. Furthermore, the chance of a mare conceiving under frozen AI is smaller than that for chilled AI (or natural covering). Please bear this in mind when choosing a package.

To further improve our service, we would like you to follow this protocol:

  1. Choose your stallion and the AI option (fresh, chilled or frozen) that better suits you:
  • For natural covering/fresh semen: speak to the stud
  • For chilled semen: speak to the stud/stallion agent and bring all the necessary paperwork and details with you
  • For frozen semen: speak to the stud/stallion agent to organise the delivery of the semen to Pool House Equine Clinic
  1. Book your mare in with our reception team
  2. Please bring anything your mare may require (special feed, fly masks, rugs) so that your mare feels at home while she is staying with us.

Owner’s responsibilities:

  • Purchase and organise delivery of the frozen semen to Pool House Equine Clinic (please let us know so that we can expect a delivery from you)
  • Pay for any costs associated with semen collection from the stallion
  • All the stallion semen must have the full, original paperwork confirming it is disease free before it will be accepted at the practice. Mares cannot be inseminated until this paperwork is available and in order. Please note: semen arriving without the correct paperwork must be destroyed by law!
  • Whilst at Pool House Equine Clinic, your mare will be insured against theft and fire for up to £30,000. If your mare is valued at more than this amount, then you MUST ensure insurance cover is in place
  • You are strongly advised to have general veterinary care insurance